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Celebrity Horoscope: Drew Barrymore
Birth Date: February 22, 1975
Astrological Sign: Pisces

This excerpt is from Drew Barrymore's Romantic Forecast chart that was requested from Astrology.com's FREE REPORT section (see link on right). Sounds like she'll be having her ups and downs in the days to come...

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Feb 20
9 AM(Feb 19 to Feb 21)
Ven Oppos Moon

Now you may find that your moods fluctuate and vacillate wildly from one extreme to the other - ecstatic happiness to extreme depression and isolation. The two vibrations in this aspect are continually going from one extreme to the other and prevent you from gaining and maintaining balance. Take time to nurture yourself, or better still, have someone else help to nurture you. Think about emotional and affectionate situations before diving headlong into them. Work out your inner feelings in private now so they don't take you by surprise publicly later.

Any sensitivity you feel towards another person, be they your lover, your friend or relative, will be heightened now. Be aware of this and control your imagination or you could soon be making a mountain out of a molehill. Don't hide away from others in case your sensitivity is provoked. Take the time to figure out what your experience really means and how you should react to it. Having calmed yourself, look again to see if your loved one made a mistake, and if so tell them but be cool about it.

The transitions between the extremes of emotion will not be easy. You need to have at least some leisure time in which to relax, have some fun, and play. Have your lover join you for an escapade. Check out how your family feels about your lover, it is better to catch any problems sooner than later.

Mar 1, 10 PM
(Mar 1 to Mar 2)
Ven Sxtil Ven

This is a wonderful time for love, as this transit brings you expanded loving feelings and thoughts. You will be better able to understand both yourself and your lover at this time. You are tuned into the higher and finer levels of love now, and are less inclined to be arrogant or selfish. You are able to smile benevolently on others and tolerate their failings. It is a time of increased sensuality, and this brings a luxurious feeling to your life. You could have a particularly happy and satisfying experience now. If you are in a long-term relationship or marriage this time will bring you confirmation about your choice of partner. If you chose wisely you will get a lot of positive feedback about your love relationship now. Evidence that your partner really loves you, wants you, and needs you will abound. This will stir up in you a new lease on life and love.

This aspect is not a very strong one and will show up in small details in your life that you can notice straight away. It needs to be aspected with a very intense and similar transit in order to create a big effect in your life. What it will do is emphasize to you the gifts and happiness you do have, and it will help you move a step closer in harmony to your lover. Express your loving feelings now, do it naturally, and notice how immediately it has an effect on your your lover. Your motto for this time is the adage that when you give, you receive. Be gentle and subtle when expressing your love, use beautiful things, art, good taste and the right mood, especially harmony, to magnify its affect. If you are single and looking for someone special, use your increased appreciation of beauty to help you embody love, this will help you attract someone on the same wavelength. If you are dating and want to take your relationship one step further, plan to do something that is both sensual and beautiful together. Organize massages for you both and then go for a good meal or visit a beautiful art exhibition. What happens next is anyone's guess.

Take the time to luxuriate in moments of happiness that you experience now. This enjoyment and appreciation of happiness will attract even more happiness. Dive in and experience love on all its levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The more totally you embrace the idea of love, the more vital your own love will be, and the more it will have an effect on your life.

Mar 3, 6 PM
(Mar 2 to Mar 5)
Mars Sqr Ven

This is a very intense aspect and it affects your sensuality and the need for you to express your affection. You will spontaneously express your emotions to others, be careful you do not overwhelm people by being too direct or sharp. If you are in a long-term relationship or marriage you need to soothe your emotionality now, as it could prove overbearing to your partner. Remember little details that will help your partner see your point of view, use your good taste when making suggestions. If you are dating and wish to take things to the next level, be sweet and respectful when talking with your lover. If you keep a tone of contained excitement it will help you to communicate with your loved one, over-the-top passion may be fun for a little while but could bring a whole range of problems with it. It is one thing to feel passionate love, it is another to love passionately. You need to separate the two. It will help to pull back when with your lover, be more obscure and develop the romance between you -- this will be more amiable and fun.

If you are single and looking for someone it could happen now. If you decide to approach someone, be careful, if you do it in a daring or untimely way it could spoil the effect and ruin your chances. You need to take a more subtle approach, if you come across as rude and boorish you will be rejected.

You need to be sensitive to your partner's feelings and avoid feeling like you need to control the relationship. If you volunteer both of you for something without checking it you're your partner first you could head for trouble. Your partner can end up being involved in situations for which they never would have volunteered. You need to sit down and figure out a plan for the next steps you are going to take together, clarify how you are going to be together, and come to an agreement. This is not a loss of freedom but rather an opportunity to learn to do things differently. This will give you a bigger repertoire and so increase your possibility for success. Having this agreement between you will make you more solid as a couple and increase your stability in your personal and professional lives.


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