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An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
It's been said that our universe works in a cyclical manner, and that might help explain why certain philosophies seem to come and go ... and return again, over the years. Chinese Astrology is an excellent example of this, and it seems that many of the astrology sites on the Web today are featuring this ancient system of guidance and wisdom.

I feel it would be presumptuous for me to present myself as an authority on a subject I haven't studied closely, but at the same time I think any student of astrology should be aware of the different systems that are out there. As a compromise, I offer below some of the sites that offer indepth coverage of Chinese Astrology...
The Astrology section of About.com has a link to Chinese Astrology, which in turn leads to a page listing links to sites covering not just the origins of Chinese Astrology but ...
  • Love, Feng Shui Style - how you can improve your love life by rearranging your furniture... This is a nice simple way to get introduced to a few basic Feng Shui principles.
  • Cocktails by Your Chinese Animal - This is meant to be strictly for fun. The About guide to Cocktails has come up with suggested drinks for your Chinese animal sign.
  • Asian Astrology - This site features information on Chinese, Vietnamese, and Tibetan astrology.
  • Astrolim.com - A site covering basics concepts of traditional Chinese Horoscopes, the I Ching, Palmistry, Chinese Sky Chart, Feng Shui, and Face Readings.
No surprise that one of the most complete astrology sites would offer not only the history and legends of Chinese Astrology, but offer a FREE Daily Chinese Horoscope as well. In addition, the site has information on the Chinese system of Feng Shui and the divination system known as the I Ching.
Astrocenter.com offers the following resources on Chinese Astrology:
  • Your Chinese Astroscope
  • What To Expect During The Year of the Snake
  • What To Expect From Your Baby Born in The Year of the Snake


Chinese Astrology

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